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I was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. My affection for gifts and gatherings large and small is a part of my southern hospitality roots. I get excited over little details and love to see a vision come together. I don't ever need a reason to throw a party or give (or receive) a gift; any reason is good enough.

I developed a crush on event planning after I planned my own wedding. Then I fell in love with events after becoming a mom and planning my kids’ birthday parties. I wanted their parties to be a celebration of exactly who they were and what they loved in that moment in time, down to the all the decoration details, the games, the music, and the food. Their parties became a way for me to memorialize each phase of their lives and what brought them joy, and then share that joy with friends and family.


Custom gifting was an unexpected addition to my business that gained momentum during the pandemic when we couldn’t physically gather to celebrate.  Though unexpected, gifting has been natural extension of event planning because I believe it is another way we celebrate, honor, and uplift each other. And just live events, I believe gifts—whether it’s a thank you gift for your colleagues, a bereavement gift for a friend thousands of miles away, or birthday gift for your lifelong best friend—should be personal and exactly what the moment calls for. 


I believe we all have a light to shine, and so my business is more than pretty parties and pretty packaging.  My goal is to help others be intentional about celebrating what makes each of us special, creating memories, experiencing joy, and honoring the light in each other.

I'm a wife to a pretty dope husband (Adam) who is as calm and cool as they come. We met at a bar when we were living in DC. That night, I told my cousin that I met my future husband. He proposed exactly 5 years later. I'm lucky enough to be a mom to two amazing kids (AJ and Layla). My kids are answered prayers I can hold. They inspire me, teach me, and keep me laughing. My family is my world. I'm an auditor by day and a creative by night. 

Over the course of building a business and brand, I have discovered more about myself and connected with clients in a way that has uplifted me, clarified my purpose, and made what began as a hobby feel more like a calling. My business is built on my own core values: putting people before profits, extending grace and gratitude, and leaving a legacy of kindness. I'm glad you're here. I hope we get the chance to work together, but if not, I hope your day is a little bit brighter after our paths cross, and I hope my work inspires you to celebrate every chance you get.

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